Programs designed for corporates with a view to promote real, experiential learning. This developmental training is based on people experiences. It uses outdoor activities and exercises to help people learn and develop. The experiential learning is explicit through systematic debriefing of the activities. By reflecting on these experiences, participants find new strengths and learn to deal with their weaknesses in a developmental process that enables them to break through to new levels of potential and performance. The most important part is the review of what has been learnt and to relate that back to the working environment.

Objectives of outbound training:

Make members of an organisation experience each other, in a different and stress free environment.

To heighten concepts and precepts of interpersonal communication, team work and leadership through the performance of actual physically arduous exercises.

To experience mutual sharing, support and interdependence among participants.

Outbound training can tackle issues such as:

Varied groups, from blue collared employees to the top level management personnel can be handled with a choice of English, Hindi or Marathi as the main language of training. Wanderstruck excels at module designing to meet objectives using world class behavioral and skill based trainers and facilitators.
All logistical details including travel, accommodation, f&b and outbound expertise are managed by Wanderstruck.

Activities conducted by Wanderstruck:

In addition to Ice breakers, Team Building, Leadership and Communication games, Wanderstruck conducts adventure sport activities specifically dealing with Self Development / Overcoming Fear, which include but are not limited to activities such as:

SURVIVAL: Out in the wilderness with only your pre-selected items.

RAPPELLING: Involves descending a sheer 90’ rock face on a rope.

ROCK CLIMBING: Scaling a 95’ natural rock face using the required mountaineering equipment.

BURMA BRIDGE: Tight rope walking at a height of 30’ with an anchor supporting you from above.

ROPE LADDER: Climbing a 25’ rope ladder.

VALLEY CROSSING: Suspended from a rope at approximately 30’ off the ground, the participant needs to crawl to get from one side to the other.

LEAP OF FAITH / POLE JUMP: The participant is required to jump off a platform 20 feet in the air to try and grab hold of a trapeze hanging 8 to 10 feet away.
The Leap of Faith Tower was constructed at Wild Winds in 2005 and Wanderstruck was the first to introduce this activity to corporates.
Leap of Faith / Pole Jump requires the participant to jump off a platform 20 feet in the air to try and grab hold of a trapeze hanging 8 to 10 feet away.

FIRE WALK: Participants are instructed and guided through a process that finally enables them to conquer all fears and walk over burning coals unscathed.

WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS: Participants are instructed and guided through a process that finally enables them to conquer all fears and walk on broken glass.


Wanderstruck exclusive primary site – Wild Winds, Kihim

Your private beach two hours from Mumbai!!!
This scenic site is a beach front property approximately 100 kms from Mumbai which allows for a blend of classroom exercises as well as a range of adventure activities.

Experience the excitement of tent accommodation ….. on the beach.
Accommodation is in comfortable dome tents with sleeping bags and ground sheets either on the beach (based on the tide) or within the property.
Additionally dormitory style accommodation for 18 is also available.
There are 8 restrooms with showers.

Sumptuous and wholesome vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations using local ingredients and recipes are served at every meal.

Group size:
The minimum group size for the Kihim site is 18 and up to 60 can be accommodated.

Adventure activities conducted at and in the vicinity of Wild Winds:

Other sites / locations:
Wanderstruck has conducted Outbound Management Programs at varied versatile locations based on client’s requirements and specifications, for example:

Hotel banquet outlets for outbound training within conference sessions, for e.g.

Wanderstruck Outbound Training programs ensure: